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To Be Real

Chantal Regnault’s Ballroom Portraits

Chantal Regnault's portraits captured the emerging and vibrant ballroom scene in Harlem, 1989-1992.

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this video <3


this video <3

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People wait
all week for friday,
all year for summer,
all life for happiness.

— (via stability)

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When you love some like I loved her, they’re a part of you. It’s like you’re attached by this invisible tether, and no matter how far away you are you can always feel them. And now every time I reach for that tether, I know there’s no one on the other end and I feel like I’m falling into nothingness.

— Sue Sylvester (via seabois)

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Sex Connects us all. Kinks brings us a little closer.

— E.A. Wade ‘The Ebony Sexologist’ (via ebonysexologist)

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Society often blurs the lines between drag queens and trans women. This is highly problematic, because many people believe that, like drag queens, trans women go home, take off their wigs and chest plates, and walk around as men. Trans womanhood is not a performance or costume.

— Janet Mock, Redefining Realness (via inextinguishabledesires)

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Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/80th
Focal Length: 83mm
Exif Data Zoom
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The room will explode when I sit at the side of your bed and you talk to me. I don’t hear your words: your voice reverberates against my body like another kind of caress, another kind of penetration. I have no power over your voice. It comes straight from you into me. I could stuff my ears and it would find its way into my blood and make it rise.

— Anaïs Nin on Henry Miller. (via latipanda)

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